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TotalBody Health (TBH) was founded in 2014 , By Elite Trainer and Supplement specialist Dean Brandt.

"I started TBH with the vision of creating a 100% natural line of supplements, something that had been missing in the Industry. I had one goal in mind to formulate an innovative line of high quality natural products, without using any chemical or artificial ingredients. 


With the assistance from a Naturopathic Doctor, I formulated the first product from TotalBodyHealth ; the clinically tested OXY3Rx.

OXY3Rx was the first product in our line-up and still the most sought after Natural Fat Oxidizer on the market today!

Since the launch of Oxy3Rx in 2014, we have introduced the following natural products to the TBH lineup; Amino4, Greens24, Omega1000, Probiotic15, Thyrocare7 and L-Carnitine1500, JointRepairRx and WaterCut  

Here at TotalBodyHealth we do not only formulate the highest quality natural products, but we pride ourselves on practising what we preach!  We train, inspire, motivate, and educate others on how to become the best versions of themselves through diet, exercise and natural supplementation. 

Please Check out our social media feeds for extra motivation and inspiration and to join the 'Look Good - Feel Good' Movement." 

Yours in Health & Wellness, 

Dean Brandt

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