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A 100% Natural, Non-Stimulant Fat oxidizing product, Formulated & Designed By Elite Trainer Dean Brandt with assistance from a local Naturopathic Doctor. 

 This Product has 3 unique functions: It Burns Fat, Balances Hormones (Specifically "Estrogen")  & Helps Boost your metabolism. These 3 key ingredients are (L-carnitine, DIM & Raspberry Ketones.) Combined with our proprietary blend of "FAT OXIDIZING " ingredients like Vitex, & Maca. 


    OXY3Rx is an innovative, natural health product designed with three key ingredients to *BURN, *BALANCE & *BOOST your body's ability to burn un-wanted body fat. OXY3Rx has been clinically tested and superior results have been proven! Dean Brandt, in conjunction with Naturopathic Doctor, Nicole Clement created this award winning formulation by including ingredients like DIM and Vitex to ensure OXY3Rx gives you optimal results to not only help you look good, but feel great as well! OXY3Rx is a safe and effective way to burn fat and increase energy & stamina without compromising your adrenal glands or internal health. 


    For Best Results: 

    Use in conjunction with regular exercise and follow the online Training & Nutrition program of 

    the product formulator & Elite Trainer, Dean Brandt (for more info go to

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